Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lunch and Play

Every year during spring break there is a play put on for children at the local gardens. Everyone brings a picnic lunch and prepares to watch a show. There are crafts and the Easter Bunny as well. Here are pics from last year. This year was fun too though. We went with friends this time. :) Oh, and, did I mention that it's completely free??!!
 Here's our picnic blanket and lunches. You can see Ronni's purple egg on the blanket. That was the craft this year. So much better than painting. I was able to just grab all the supplies and bring them back to the blanket instead of staying up at the crowded craft table. :)
 Here's Collin's egg. It's become much more decorated since then. The kids brought home some of the foam stickers and covered them. hehe!
 This year was a marionette performance of Cinderella. Very cute! :)
Here they are!! Aren't they fabulous?
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