Monday, January 25, 2010

Geocaching - Chalk Cliffs

Here we are starting off the hike. Since this one was a bit longer than normal we put Ronni in the backpack.

Collin checking out one of the horse jumps in Hitchcock Woods.

Here is a pic of the "bushwhack" trail we went on. In this pic is Paul w/ Ronni on his back and that little blue blob on the bottom is Collin. I was bringing up the rear so we didn't loose anyone on the way. ;)

The bottom of the cliffs. Collin was checking out the 'caves' as he called them. They were just little crevices in the rocks but they were quite an adventure for Collin. He kept saying he was going to find a lion in them. haha!

Ronni learned how to protect her head from all the bushwhacking. I asked her to pose so we could get a pic of her. I thought it was cute. Poor thing... ;) Paul had a hard time bushwhacking with her on his back though. They both worked hard.

Here's Collin sitting on the cliff. Paul called it child endangerment but Collin didn't move until I got back to him and carried him away from the edge. I just thought it would make a good picture.

So, that little spot of mud that I thought I was stepping on ended up being a lot deeper than I thought. Down I went. ooops!! The pants were khakis so all that isn't mud but you can see the color difference. My poor shoes!

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