Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First B-day cakes!

Yes, she has gifts... We are waiting until tomorrow to open them when Paul will be home so expect more pics tomorrow! ;) This should be enough to get you started though. =D

I thought I'd throw this in since we didn't have a blog for Collin's first b-day... this is his. =D
Here's Ronni stuffing her face... notice her nose... yeap... it's blocked w/ sugary goodness. =D hehe! Don't worry -- she sneezed it out later.

No... don't touch the camera w/ that sticky hand!! Aaaaaahhhh! In case you're wondering... yeap, she at the whole thing and another piece about half that size. She's quite the little eater. hehe!

This is another thing we did for her b-day. I haven't let her have any popsicles for a little while b/c it's been so cold. When she eats them her little chin quivers b/c she's cold. Since it's her b-day I thought I'd give in but I made her wear her coat. I only gave her half of one -- normally she can eat an entire one all by herself. Isn't she so cute. I handed it to her in that spot and she didn't move until she was done. She was concentrating too hard. hehe!

What is that face??!!! LOL!!

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