Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas is here!!!

Collin and I decorated for Christmas during Ronni's nap. She looked so excited when she came into the living room afterwards and found a Christmas tree w/ the lights. Woo-hoo! What excitement!

Here is Ronni examining a snowman a little more closely.
These are our stockings. I had to buy Ronni's today so hers doesn't have a gingerbread girl on it but from L to R they are Dad, Mom, David, and Collin's. We'll have to get the gingerbread girl from my MIL to sew on for Ronni's. =D

Here are all the stockings lined up from L to R they are: Dad, Mom, David, Collin, Ronni, the cats (they share one), and Arwen (the dog). Ralf (the fish) doesn't get one. ;)

Here's our living room... ignore the toys and bean bag... lol!

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