Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wha... huh!!???

That's right folks! We got a moped... a Magnum 50L Scooter. haha! I know, I'm still having trouble believing it myself. To those of you who don't know my husband -- he is totally anti all two wheeled vehicles. I am sure you can imagine my surprise when he called me from work the other night saying a co-worker was selling this for an great price, "Can I get it?" I nearly fell over from shock. I said, "ok" then a couple of hours later he called again. "It should be in the carport now. They brought it over." So... here it is! Our gas saver for around town. It gets 120 mi/gallon. I'm going to start driving it to work, too. I'm still in shock that we have it. =)

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