Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rockets and Space

We have a little boy who has decided he wants to be an astronaut and 'go to outerspace right now'. We were in Hobby Lobby today and Paul saw a rocket that he just couldn't refuse. I have to admit that it is pretty cool. Instead of an engine and having to light it you just stomp the end and it uses air. Perfect for a two year old who is obsessed with planes, rockets and outerspace. We want to find a book that would be good for him so if anyone knows of one please let us know. Remember, too, that this is the two year old who will explain to you that planets travel around and around the sun because of the sun's gravity and that the shapes in the stars are called constellations. He and I can sit there with a picture of the solar system and talk about it for at least 30 minutes before he gets bored with it and even then it's normally b/c I'm ready to do something else. hehe! Any suggestions on good books?
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