Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Vacation with Friends IV

Even though friends have moved, we still managed to get together. To see past vacations with this crew, click on the dates below:

And now, in 2015, we managed to do it again! 2 of us are still in South Carolina, but one family is in Texas and the other in North Carolina. It was really cool because it was as if we had never separated. It was so great spending time with them!!! :)

Day 1:

On the drive, we got to go through a tunnel that took us through a mountain. The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever!

Yes, our cabin had an arcade in the basement. Air hockey, skee ball....


And many others.

My boys playing Jurassic Park. I think this was just as much fun for the grown ups as the kids. I would say dads, but who am I kidding? I was down there playing the games right along with the kids. ;) 

Oh, yes, there was a theater as well. There was also a pool table and another arcade game on the top floor. I just never went up there so I didn't get a picture. 

There was a hot tub too. 

What would a vacation to the mountains be without a pinata? Yeah, we've never done one in the mountains either, but why not? LOL!

Bed time!! Most of the original kids from the first vacation are right here. Well, except for Collin. He slept in a regular bed. 
Day 2:
We woke up and everything was cloudy and rainy.

Paul, playing the ukulele on the front porch while enjoying the view.

Because this was the view from the porch.

Then, we went to the Forbidden Caverns.

Underground water! I thought it was so pretty!

Ryanne loved this rock. She said it looked like a tree. :) 

a Christmas tree!!

Selfie to prove I was there! :) 

Cloudy evening skies. Now, compare this to tomorrow's skies. ;) 
Day 3:
Isn't that such a huge difference from yesterday?
Just for comparative purposes.... the top picture is from 2012 and the bottom pic is from this trip - 2015. A few more children have been added to the mix. 

Funny Face!

The girls

The moms. Cause, we're cool like that. 

The girls again.
The boys.

 This is a time lapse video of us trying to get everyone together for the group picture.
The whole gang.

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