Monday, June 8, 2015

What is a BAES?

So, I am constantly asked what I will do with a BAES? What is a BAES? Well, it stands for Bachelors of Educational Studies. I do all the courses elementary school teachers take except student teaching, also called demonstration teaching. Instead of that, I do a semester researching and analyzing alternative ways to learn or to teach --- using technology, classroom flipping, diversity issues...etc. It also means I get to write a mini thesis which I'm actually kind of excited about. At least, this is how my mentor described it to me. I, obviously, haven't finished it yet. So, summed up, I'll have an education degree but won't be certified to teach. 

So, what can one do with this degree? Here are some ideas I have brain stormed.

  1. Substitute Teacher - I know in our area, this does not require a teacher certification.
  2. Teachers Pay Teachers - I already sell stuff on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is actually very time consuming and requires a lot of creativity, social media marketing, and knowledge in graphic design.
  3. Tutoring - Are you an entrepreneur?  Start your own tutoring business! They have some already established companies you can sign up with to get started but I've heard they don't pay well. A lot that I've researched will pay the tutor $20/hour but the clients are generally charged $30-60/hr.
  4. Homeschool teacher - Okay, in my state, a parent has to oversee all lessons, however, they are allowed to hire others to assist in teaching subjects. So, you can create a program for homeschool students by having a language arts class or history class or whatever subject you want once a week.
  5. Afterschool Program - Honestly, this one is the most appealing to me, but unrealistic right now unless I rent a space. I could always try to get a job with another program or at school to get started and then develop my own program later. We could do sports, and dance, and art, and games, and tutoring, and all kinds of things. I've always dreamed of something like this so I could help kids who may just be hanging out and getting into trouble after school. It could be a 3-5pm type of thing. My husband could even teach them martial arts. That's my dream, but unrealistic right now.
  6. Preschool or Daycare Teacher - This could still get you in the classroom and creating your own program, but no teacher certification required in most places.
  7. Teach Life Skills in a Youth Detention Center - I don't really have any great life skills I could teach but many do. This would be a great opportunity and so rewarding! It does not pay well, but I think the benefits would outweigh that.
  8. Educational Consultant - This would not be easy for everyone, but some people have a niche of teaching they are incredibly passionate about. You can write about it, do webinars about it, or public speaking seminars.
  9. Create Curriculum - You can assist companies in developing their curriculum or make your own to sell.
  10. Museum Educator - Teachers are often great for this job because they have to work with lots of children and teach them about artifacts and history.
Do you have any other ideas? Please share! :D

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