Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First 2 nighter backpacking trip

Ryanne is going to girl scout camp so Collin and I are backpacking with the dogs and my mom. I'm sooo excited! So, here is what I have:

I have a small Gregory Deva 70 backpack. Now, this holds a LOT of stuff but it's because my son, daughter and I are generally the ones who go so I carry stuff for both of them. My husband has a job so he has to work. :(

The backpack, I spent a lot of money on to get a really good one. My supplies aren't all top of the line but I'm working on gradually improving them. I hope once I can afford to replace them little by little then the pack will gradually get lighter and lighter. :)
Inside this beautiful backpack of mine I have the following:

Tent - I have an Ozark Trail 4 person dome tent. Most backpackers would use a smaller tent but since I go with 2 somewhat small children (7 and 9 years) and 2 dogs, we all crowd into a tent together so I needed a bigger tent. This is just a little $40 tent. If it rips, just put some duct tape on it. Our 8 person family tent is Ozark and we've been using it for years. We just put a little duct tape on holes and it's good to go. :)
Stove - some places don't allow fires so you need a simple way to cook your food. I just use this little This is the Ozark Trail Single Burner Propane Stove. It doesn't come with the propane bottle so you can just get a mini bottle to go in there instead. :) It's not top of the line but it works well. We haven't had a problem with it. It's less than $20.

Water! Okay, so I don't really have enough water in there to last for 3 days. I only have 2L water bladder. However, I do have the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System in the pack. It's super light, only about 2 oz and it was only $16. The downside --- it's super slow when you have to fill up water packs for kids, dogs, and yourself. It gets the job done though.
Sleeping bag - I have a warm weather and a cool weather sleeping back. Right now, I'm using the Ozark Trail 1.5 lb warm weather bag. It's a great bag and is very big, however, it doesn't compress well so it takes up more space than I'd like. Not a ton, but there are definitely other bags out there that take up less space than it.
Along with that, I have a tie rope for the dogs when we're at camp (with bells sown to them to let bears know we are there)
bathroom bag (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, nose tissue, wipes, feminine hygiene items and a trowel)
rope (for hanging food and clothesline)
first aid kit
toiletry kit -- tooth brush/paste, deodorant (they sell mini of these things) 
Extra socks and underwear (I don't take any other clothes to change -- just the same ones the whole time)
Bug spray/sun blog
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