Saturday, March 21, 2015

The newest Smith!

So, we went to Pet Smart to pick up some things for Arwen (dog) and Miss Callie (cat).

Miss Callie
Today is Saturday, so that means adoption day at Pet Smart. As always, we went and checked out all the dogs. There was this one little one eyed dog that totally caught our attention.
This is the picture of him on the adoption site. 
Isn't he cute? Well, we loved on him and then left. I didn't think anything of it. I joked a little about taking him home and, surprisingly, Paul said it crossed his mind too. We came home as normal and as I was working with the cat litter, Paul told me he'd be okay if I went back to Pet Smart and adopted "Ty" (a gray terrier mix) or "Ridge" (pictured above). I stared at him in shock for a moment and then waited a few minutes to make sure he was serious. So, we went back with Arwen because the dog had to do well with Arwen. They told us Ty wouldn't do well with kids. So, we decided Ridge it was. :)

Along with his eye, he has some other health issues we'll dealing with. One will be over with in a year, the other is a lifelong disease we'll have to deal with. We decided that we could handle this.

photo from his adoption page

photo from his adoption page

First time in the backyard. Still on the leash.

free in the backyard

Playing with Arwen

In his brand new crate.

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