Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Creation Plan - or house work

I had some friends who were praising this method of house chores. So, I found a used copy for a couple of dollars. It's an old library hardback copy. On Amazon a hardback sells now for as little as $60. Crazy! Anyways.... it's a very old fashioned book. I mean, look at the woman on the cover and how she's dressed. Ha! I'm not really sure what all the shooting stars are that are floating away from her, but anyways. The copy I have was published in 1983. That just happens to be the year I was born so over thirty years ago! Needless to say, upon first examination of this book, I was a bit disappointed.
Betty Meyers quotes in the book President Spencer W. Kimball (prophet of the LDS Church from 1973-1985) said, "The women of God in all ages have been able to reflect with awe upon the handiwork of God in the heavens without neglecting the practical skills needed not only to survive on this planet but to live an abundant life. There is more connection than many realize between the order and purpose of the universe and the order and harmony that exist in a happy and good family...
"May you realize that in you is the control of your life and what you are going to be, what you are going to do. Remember that your choices may control to some extent others whose lives will be a part of your life. Remember also that if you succeed, it isn't because f luck. Success comes from faith and work and prayer and from constant righteous effort."
This was sort of a... Ack! The Pressure!!! quote. LOL! Especially when you continue reading all the things women have been told to do. " build and preserve a "world for herself and for others who may come under her protective wing, be they husband, children, other relatives, friends, or neighbors in need. She must build, clean, repair, and maintain her physical domain, give and receive enlightenment, organize and direct -- and with all this, it has been decreed that she should develop her talents and grow as an individual as well."

Does that make you laugh? Do any of you have time for all that? LOL! Yeah... it made me laugh too. :) It's one of those things you read where you either choose to laugh or cry because the task seems so daunting.

Then I read this, "Clean houses and clean clothing are important but we need also to find time for ourselves and our loved ones. Remember how, when the Savior visited the home of Mary and Martha, he found that 'Martha was cumbered about much serving/" His advice to her was: 'Thou art careful and troubled about many things: but on thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken from her.' (Luke 10:38-42)"

I love that this program was written to help us find balance. At the beginning of the year, instead of writing out New Year's Resolutions I chose one word to focus on this year. That word was BALANCE. I am hoping this plan will help with that. This program is written to follow the Creation of the world but down to a home scale. Here is the basic gist of it:

Monday (Day 1) Unorganized matter is organized: Organize and clean the house
Tuesday (Day 2) Waters: Laundry day
Wednesday (Day 3) Light divided from darkness: Uplifting day --- hobbies, callings...etc.
Thursday (Day 4) Vegetation and Beautification: beautify home and yard
Friday (Day 5) Animals were created: errand day
Saturday (Day 6) Man was created: Family day
Sunday (Day 7) The Lord rested: Day of rest

There are daily chores, weekly chores, and monthly chores in this book that all go with these themes. There is also a chapter written for each day about how other people have done it and inspirational quotes. There are goal planning worksheet ideas and organizing this method. There's even a guide on how to use this for meal planning. There's a lot of info!

So, how has this worked for me so far this week? Monday was intense getting the entire house cleaned in one day. Ack! The kids helped a lot though. It was neat seeing it all happen at one time. Tuesday was nice because I was able to do the laundry throughout the day while I did school with the kids. The problem is, I still have clean laundry piled up to fold because it was a week's worth of laundry all at one time. Wednesday was good because it gave me an opportunity to work on my callings (yes, I have two and both require preparation). I was really looking forward to today -- Thursday -- because I was going to work in my garden. However, I was awakened the calming, yet unwelcomed today, pitter patter of rain drops. Darn! Oh well. I'm hoping to fit errands in tomorrow so I can hang out with my family on Saturday and then be ready for Sunday. :)

This book was written for a time when life was different, however, I think with some adjustment it'll still work for today's lifestyle. There is even a chapter for making it work for the working woman. I may need to read that one again. I am not a working woman but I stay busy with all my other responsibilities.

So... are you going to try The Creation Plan?
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