Monday, February 10, 2014

The 21 Day Fix

I am trying a new "diet". I don't want to say diet because it's not a fad. I'm not cutting out any food groups out, I'm not starving myself and I'm not taking any types of medication. I'm excited! This is a quick synopsis of the program.

At my weight I get 4 green containers (vegetables), 3 purple containers (fruit), 4 red containers (protein), 3 yellow containers (carbohydrates), 1 blue container (healthy fats), 1 orange (seeds and nuts), and 4 tablespoons (oils and peanut butters) each day.

I have worked out 2 days now... my body hurts! haha!
Mondays - Total Body Cario Fix, Tuesdays - Upper Fix, Wednesdays - Lower Fix, Thursdays - Pilates Fix, Fridays - Cardio Fix, Saturdays - Dirty 30, and Sundays - Yoga Fix.

OK... now for my day today...
Breakfast: I had oatmeal, cooked apple with cinnamon and agave nectar with 2 poached eggs. (1 purple, 1 red, and 1 yellow)

Snack: I forgot to get a picture. So, I had half a banana with a tsp of peanut butter. (1 purple and 1 tsp)

Lunch: A baked chicken salad with a side of sweet potatoes. The lettuce was in the green container but I used 2 for this. :) (2 greens, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue, and 1 orange)

Afternoon Snack: OK, I may have forgotten to take a picture before I started eating. 6 slices of turkey and an orange. (1 red and 1 purple)

Dinner: Steak cooked with olive oil, steamed carrots and baked potato (1 red, 1 green, 1 tsp, and 1 yellow)

Evening Snack: Cucumbers and herbal tea. Yum yum!

Water: I managed to drink 64 oz!!! I have had to urinate like crazy though. hehe! ;)

I have been full all day but am totally craving sugar right now. Ack!!! Hopefully I can make it through tomorrow and I'm really hoping the Stevia in the herbal tea will help to curb some of this sugar craving. 

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