Thursday, February 13, 2014

Surviving Winter Storm Pax

 First day wasn't so bad. The sleet was starting to stick, everything looked pretty. Here is the kids play table.
The sleet is starting to stick.

SC state flower -- yellow jasmine.

 Around 2:30 the power went out. So... the kids had no electronics *snicker*. It was nice. They play with the marble run for hours.

Here's a branch that fell in our driveway. I pulled it out of the way thinking that was it. Little did I know what was to come. LOL!

 Here's a shot of our neighborhood before things went all crazy. Our evening without power was nice. We had candles lit all over. We all had some type of flashlight. We had the fire going and we have a gas oven/stove so I still cooked pork tenderloin, couscous, and broccoli with melted cheese. Yum!! :) So, it wasn't too bad. Around 12:30/1am the power returned. YAY! Most of the night we were awakened from the crashing of limbs falling from the weight of the ice. The ones that were close to our house even shook the house. It was crazy! Ryanne woke a few times because she was scared.

This is our backyard.

Look how much ice is on this bush!!

Here's the whole bush.

Front yard. Limbs fell all around our oak tree.

Our neighborhood again.

Front yard from the road.

mailbox icicles 
 Then we went on a walk around the neighborhood, so the following are pictures of others' homes.
I thought this tree was pretty.

Trees down everywhere.

This one looked really bad. There was another home 3 houses down from us that had a limb going through the roof. They're trying to get a tarp on it right now.

Such a mess.

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