Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thrift shopping!

So, yesterday Paul went off with a friend and Collin was at TaeKwonDo day camp so Ryanne and I had the whole day of just the two of us. Now, before I say what we did, let me explain that Ryanne had just gotten hand me downs from two people, so much that she split it with her cousin. So, Ryanne and I went shopping for clothes for Collin and me. I was down to two pair of pants that did not have holes in inappropriate places... Hehe! So, I spent a lot of money... Grand total of $48 on everything pictured below. While that was a lot of money, not bad for what we got. I even got Ryanne a jump rope, Collin a rubber snake, and both of them a bag of crayons. I also got myself a pair of boots and then all the clothes pictured.

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