Saturday, March 23, 2013

Can of worms...

So, the kids recently went in for their annual physical and this opened a huge can of worms. That saying really makes no sense. A can of worms? Anyways! So, Ryanne had an irregular heart beat. This led to multiple trips to the hospital for testing only to find out that her irregular heart beat is actually her normal beat. I always tell my kids to be different and stand out but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Hehe!

Finally, there is Collin. The doctor thought he had sensory integration so he referred him to an occupational therapist where it was confirmed that Collin has Sensory Processing Disorder, specifically he is a sensory seeker. This means he is constantly craving sensory stimulation which is why he is always moving. For a year or so the doctor has suspected it was ADHD but this was confirmed to be false. It's all part of the SPD. We have also discovered he has poor fine motor skills and all his muscles are developed which means he is going to be evaluated by a physical therapist this week. So, we have extra exercises and therapies and tools to use throughout the week to help things go better. School is already easier. Oh! That's another thing. She said Collin would not function well in a regular brick and mortar school so home educating is the best thing we could have done for him. So, yay that we made the right choice there. ;)

Well, now you know what came of the kids' well child appointments. ;)

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