Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mommy-Son date

I took these pics a while back and haven't posted them so I figured I would today. :) Collin and I went on a date (we try to do these regularly but some months it just doesn't work out. It works well with our family b/c there are two parents and two children. hehe! So... we each get a child. Paul and Ronni went to Chick fil a for ice cream and to play in the play area. Not too exciting but we generally let the kids pick (as long as it's not too expensive).

Collin chose to go hiking. Of course he had to have a snack.
Yeap, that's a carrot in his hand. Told ya... he needed a snack.

Aren't we cute?

He was leading the way.

Sand River. Collin said, "Mom, I feel like there could be a gator down here." That's why he was bent over like that. His imagination freaked him out and he suddenly took off running in the direction he came from. I laughed so hard. It was quite funny.
After the hiking we went to Applebee's for dessert. Yummy!!! :)
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