Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Geocaching in the rain

was totally fun! haha!! It started off as a beautiful day. It was a little humid but it was sunny and only 78*F. We could totally handle that. We decided to go to the state park and do a 5 part, 3 mile cache hunt. We were excited and ready for the adventure. We also invited some friends from the ward, the Monsons, which was totally exciting! Ronni was very excited that one of her friends from nursery was coming with us. The kids talked about it all weekend and on Memorial Day we were finally able to go.

A little ways into our hike, it started to rain but we were deep in the woods and had a bit of cover. It only felt like a light trickle to us. It didn't stay that way for long though. When we were searching for the third part of the cache the rain started and gradually got harder and harder. It was pouring... I mean, monsoon pouring. We hid under a tree for a while (which really wasn't protecting us that much) discussing what we would do. We were about a mile from the van whether we ran through the woods or on the road that ran around the park. Either way.... a mail from the warmth and shelter of the van. We decided to run through the woods b/c it would be a better view than the road and may provide a little bit of protection from the wind and rain. It was tons of fun. The puddles were deep enough that the water ran in through the top of my shoes. The water was coming in through all the seams as well so it really didn't matter. The kids loved it, especially when the dads started running with the smaller kids in the backpacks on the back. Collin was excited that he was able to run through the puddles without getting in trouble. It was tons of fun! I didn't get many pictures though. Here's an after picture.... we we returned to the van there were covered picnic shelters there so we got pics (and of course that's when the rain slowed down too).
This was our exciting Memorial Day event. hehe! The Monsons have more pics on their blog if you'd like to check it out. =o) I hope everyone else had a great Memorial Day weekend. Paul's phone no longer works and the Monsons camera died but other than that.... it was great fun!! =D
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