Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in SC!!!

We never get snow. When we do, it doesn't stick and if it does stick, it's just a light dusting. Well, we have several inches out there and the snow is still falling. It's beautiful and I LOVE it!! We probably won't get snow again for a few more years so we're going to enjoy it and be grateful for it while we have it. Just hope these trees loaded down with snow don't cause problems. ;) It is kind of odd seeing our luscious, green oaks covered with fluffy white snow.

So, w/o further ado... here are pictures as requested. ;-)

It was just starting here and I wasn't sure if it'd stick or not so we thought we'd take advantage of it while we could. It's hard to tell but it's snowing in this pick. Not too impressive but Collin had fun catching it on his tongue.

We came back out a little later. It was sticking -- light dusting and Ronni's first look at snow. She didn't really know what to think. She kept saying, "eeew! eeeew! eeew!!" haha! She thought it was something gross. After I explained to her that it was ice she started eating it. It was no longer gross. :)

Last week it was 60*F so flowers were blooming and the bushes and trees are green and now they're covered with powdery white snow.

The kids playing in the front yard and the rest of the neighborhood.

We came out a little later -- yes, it was dark. Here's Arwen enjoying her first snow.

Collin had a checklist of things he wanted to do if it snowed. First, snow angels...

Next, a snowball fight. Obviously, I didn't get a pic of this b/c I was busy bombarding my children with snowb... I mean... er... getting hit with snowballs. ;)

Here's the front gate and my yellow jasmine. haha! My poor plants are so confused right now. 

Here is the snowman... yes, it's a basketball on his head. Dinner was ready, Ronni was freezing and I had already brought her in to warm her up. Paul stayed outside w/ Collin (he got to come home early) and they just stuck the basketball on its head. haha! I think it was Collin's idea b/c he had told me that we should do that earlier.

I don't know... this was while Paul and Collin were out there alone and it was on the camera. I thought it was cute though.
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