Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Organized the food storage!!!

Today, I finally took the crib and toddler bed apart that have been occupying half of our room and got them in the attic ;) My four year old helped.... it was tough. haha!! Then, I took all the food storage that was stacked in our dining room with a blanket over it (because there was absolutely NO WHERE else for it togo) and put it in our bedroom where the crib and toddler bed were. Our living room seems so BIG now. It's awesome!! ;)
In the above pic is the pantry that's in our living room and has no door. It has been cleaned and organized. All those small cans on the second from bottom shelf is our food that expires in 2010. I thought we should eat it soon. We used it for dinner and FHE refreshments last night. ;)
Here is the "hallway" going down our food storage now. There are two stacks of boxes, filled with #10 cans on both sides. I moved all this stuff all by myself too!! And considering that I am only 5'3", I think I did a pretty darn good job of lifting those boxes over my head. ;)

This is a better shot of the left side. Note - I labeled every box with the cans inside. The backpacks on top of the boxes are our 72 hr kits.

Here's the right side. That's ds's little head peaking around. That's a 3-fold divider that dh and ds made when dd had to sleep in our room before the adoption was finalized b/c she couldn't share a room with a little boy.
This doesn't include the food that IS our bed and the 3 - 5 gallon buckets I found after I got this all organized. haha!! Now, I have to figure out what I'm going to do with them. =o) I think that we'll be okay while we're waiting to make more money. ;) I didn't realize how much food we had until I did this. I'm so proud of myself --- this took forever to organize! Then I had to clean up the huge mess I made afterwards. But... hooray!! It's finally done!!!

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