Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Around Town

We've been doing stuff around home this summer.
kite flying

splash pad - Ryanne was barefoot and the ground was hot so Collin carried her. :) 

When did he get so cool? Actually, he's not. He said, "Look Mom, I look like a teenager." haha!

 At the Community playhouse

 Watching the Tortoise and the Hare. Ryanne got to go up and help. Yes, that's her in the bonnet.

Running with the dogs. Arwen is a much better running partner. 

Ryanne has been baking.

We have had several water balloon fights.

Ryanne likes to bring me little weed flowers wrapped in grass. 


I completed the Summer Strong Challenge and earned this stuff for free!

Pokemon Go has been fun!

 Swim party with dance team.

More Pokemon Go

We also celebrated Ryanne's Gotcha Day!

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