Sunday, June 26, 2016

Welcome Kaa!

 So, we went into the local pet store for something and Collin walked right up to one of the employees and started asking what he needs to know to take care of a ball python. What? Yeah, he stood there for about 20 minutes asking questions. Then, the lady took out this banana ball python so Collin could hold it. Ack! So, then our journey began. Collin saved up enough money to buy a tank, a normal ball python, a UTH (under tank heater), and a hide. He also spend weeks researching ball pythons. We head found a ball python breeder who sold Collin a hatchling -- a baby! So cute.
So, meet Kaa. Collin's ball python named after the Indian python from The Jungle Book. ;) 

Ignore the numbers in the background. Everything is regulated now. ;) Here he is going into his hide. 

Close up!

The kids like making shapes out of the spots on him. In this picture you can see the singing ghost and the heart. There's also pac-man closer to his tail. 

Did you know snakes drink water? Okay... I know, how else would they get their water, but I had never seen one drinking water so it was pretty cool to see. ;) 

 Collin holding Kaa.

Collin allowing Ryanne to hold Kaa.

Another close up! :) 

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