Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jamberry Consultant

It's just two days until the most important day of your life. Everything is perfect - the dress is perfect, the flowers are beautiful, the music list is exactly what it should be, the centerpieces are amazing and everything is falling together. The fingernails are even perfect. They are French tips and beautifully done.

"Ouch!" You smack your hand on the door frame as you walk by and chip your perfect nail art. Later, bump your nail and bend the tip, causing the polish to crack. You continue bumping it. By the next morning, they are chipped and not beautiful for you to wear on your special day -- your wedding day. You stare at your nails and realize the only solution is just use the nail polish remover and use your natural nail look.

Okay, granted, this isn't the worst thing possible, but it's disappointing for the bride. She envisions the whole thing and hasn't planned out exactly the way she wants it. It's disappointing when something so simple is ruined. This was my story.

Now, I am using Jamberry nails and I wish so much that I had them for my wedding. They don't chip! I have been wearing them for 8 days and they still look beautiful! They are affordable and easy to put on. I don't know why anyone would go back to nail polish after trying Jams! I'm NEVER going back!!

I'm super happy and I feel like my nails are beautiful and dainty and I know it'll last for more than a couple of hours. In fact... a couple of weeks. Fingernail wraps last up to two weeks and toe nail wraps last up to 6 weeks. They are non toxic and latex free. Yes, loving these things!! If you are interested in trying some of your own then go here, click on shop, and order some! :)
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