Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My little dancer

Tonight Ryanne went to her first dance class! She will be taking a ballet/tap combo class. It's once a week for 45 minutes. I have learned that I am a bit picky about the places my kids go. Collin's TaeKwonDo place has spoiled us. They are so friendly there and just have fun with the kids while teaching them. I took Ryanne to gymnastics a few weeks back and it was certainly not like that. No one spoke to me before or after and completely ignored me. They didn't even ask me if they could take our money at the end of class. So, I was nervous of what I'd find at the dance studio today. I was pleasantly surprised. My GPS took us to the wrong place and I called, the lady who answered the phone was so nice. Then I got there and her teacher spoke to us, the office lady talked to me about things while Ryanne was in there and afterwards her teacher talked to me about how she did (awesome!) And helped to fit her for shoes. They let us buy used clothing and shoes (except the tights) from them. The tap shoes that fit her need some shoe glue so they just gave them to us. Yeah! Awesome!

On top of how awesome the owner and staff were, Ryanne absolutely loved it!! She and the students performed their tap routine at the end for all the parents. She was smiling the whole time. Her teacher said she never stopped smiling through the entire class and caught on to everything really fast and obeyed. Haha! Her grin just made me so excited for her.

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