Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family Vacation

We went to Edisto Beach -- camping, of course. :) We go camping at the beach every year and my favorite beach is Edisto but it's normally full. This year, the campsite had one spot open so we snatched it. hooray!! It was actually a really great site too!! :)

We did have a couple of unwanted guests though... one of them was very friendly raccoon. He and Paul had a stand-off, claiming their territory. LOL! Paul won! Hooray. It helped that he had a bucket of water that splashed on the raccoon several times. Poor thing. Loud noises didn't help. It was the only thing we could come up with. Another guest we had was a yellow rat snake. He was awesome. The kids were definitely not afraid of him so we had to have a talk about how they don't go near snakes unless daddy is with them and says he's okay. Luckily it was a rat snake and not a rattler. ;) Here, you just never know.

If you'd like to see our friend from last May then click here. He's listed under Day 2. :)

Camp's set up. Time to head to the beach. Luckily, it was just on the other side of the trees!! :) I forgot to take the camera from the campsite to the beach so no pics from the first day at the beach.
Although, after we got back little Ronni decided it would be fun to rub her head into the dirt. It's a good thing she asked for her hair cut b/c that would be tough to wash all that dirt out if it was long. Well, it was still tough but it would have been even worse.

Day 2 on the beach. We were out there around 8am. hehe! It was nice and quiet. ;)
Flying the kite. My mom lives near Edisto so she came to visit us and brought each of the kids a kite. Collin had a green frog (pictured) and Ronni had a fish with a very long tail. That was the one I was flying. Every time she got it from my hand it crashed. Collin did well flying his. My mom got more pics b/c Paul and I were helping w/ the flying so I'll post those if she sends them. hehe!

I loved this pic of Collin. He got saltwater in his eyes so he sat on the blanket with me and chilled on the blanket. The sun was too bright though so he wore my sunglasses. hehe! Isn't he cute?

Yes, of course I had to bury my children while we were there. We also built a sandcastle but, again, my mom took that picture. ;)
I often get asked why I like Edisto beach b/c, really, there is nothing there. This shot is why I like it so much! This is during the peak time of the day and do you see how many ppl are there? Yeah! It's great isn't it? I love it! There are only a few people there... no crowds or commercialism. It's wonderful!!
S'mores!! Who can have a campout w/o s'mores? Of course, we also had peach cobbler and all kinds of yummy foods! I love camping and eating the food while camping. :)
Sunday morning! The day we left. We were only there for a weekend and since it was Sunday the kids weren't allowed to play in the water but we walked it. :) So fun and relaxing. I was kinda sad to go however, that shower I got when I returned home sure felt nice.
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