Friday, April 2, 2010

Reward system I found for kids... starting today. =o)

  • My neighbor told me about this. Her 6 yo and 2 yo are LOVING it so I'm going to start getting things organized here for it. I'm so excited! I think it'll be fun!
    Okay... the kids earn "Daddy Dollars" or "Mommy Money" by completing tasks/chores/school or whatever you want the kids to do. Then they get to go to the "Mommy Mart" to spend the 'money'. It can be small toys/candy/tv time/computer time/family walks/game night/movie night/out for icecream...etc. Whatever you can think of that your kids would enjoy. You go to this site to print out the money.
    Here's out money (it's me b/c dh wouldn't pose for a pic, I didn't have a good one of him and he didn't want it on there anyways -- the bum!! haha! )
  • Here's the chart that I made today. I used a manilla folder and folded it so that it was a tri-fold (lapbook style:).
    This is the inside ---

    Here is the outside. This is where the kids' money that they've earned goes --

    Here's a close up of jobs and rewards -- remember, my kids are 4 & 2 so I thought the pictures would be useful. 4 yo can read some words but I thought this would be more helpful for him.

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