Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jamberry Consultant

It's just two days until the most important day of your life. Everything is perfect - the dress is perfect, the flowers are beautiful, the music list is exactly what it should be, the centerpieces are amazing and everything is falling together. The fingernails are even perfect. They are French tips and beautifully done.

"Ouch!" You smack your hand on the door frame as you walk by and chip your perfect nail art. Later, bump your nail and bend the tip, causing the polish to crack. You continue bumping it. By the next morning, they are chipped and not beautiful for you to wear on your special day -- your wedding day. You stare at your nails and realize the only solution is just use the nail polish remover and use your natural nail look.

Okay, granted, this isn't the worst thing possible, but it's disappointing for the bride. She envisions the whole thing and hasn't planned out exactly the way she wants it. It's disappointing when something so simple is ruined. This was my story.

Now, I am using Jamberry nails and I wish so much that I had them for my wedding. They don't chip! I have been wearing them for 8 days and they still look beautiful! They are affordable and easy to put on. I don't know why anyone would go back to nail polish after trying Jams! I'm NEVER going back!!

I'm super happy and I feel like my nails are beautiful and dainty and I know it'll last for more than a couple of hours. In fact... a couple of weeks. Fingernail wraps last up to two weeks and toe nail wraps last up to 6 weeks. They are non toxic and latex free. Yes, loving these things!! If you are interested in trying some of your own then go here, click on shop, and order some! :)

Overview of July

 Every Tuesday we went to the $1 movie and every Wednesday we went to some activity at the library. This one was a magician.

 Collin has enjoyed his train track. I love that he still plays with this thing. We bought him one pack when he was 4. He loved it so much that he saved up $40 for another one so now he has double the fun with double the tracks. Details on that experience is here.
 More of our hanging limbs from the ice storm fell. Yes, I went out there with the chain saw and took care of them. YAY! :) I'm tough. Ryanne took these pics. ;)

 I dyed shingles for the dollhouse.

 I have learned how to do cornrows. Hooray!
 Ryanne lost both her front teeth in one day.
 Swimming lessons! Ryanne can now swim on the deep end! Collin graduated swim lessons this summer. He can do back stroke, elementary, front crawl, dolphin, and breast stroke.
 4th of July party!!!

 We went to the drive in movies and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Maleficent.
 I made a watermelon cake. The family LOVED it!!!

 Ryanne and I go on girl dates periodically. They are normally window shopping. She just grabs clothes she loves and we try them on. We don't buy anything, though. She tries on shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, we look at toys and music. She loves these days.
 Hair salon! I love our hair stylist!! Her name is Hope and is awesome. She always straightens Ryanne's hair to cut it.
 In the process... don't worry. It gets better. ;)
 And done! Don't you love the pink fusion we put in her hair? It looks so cute!
 We took the kids to a local sports bar for wings!! They decided they love the wings here and want to go back. :) Paul and I have been there before and love them. They are yummy!
 Library!! Porkchops Productions presents Rumpelstiltskin.... er... Dr. Rumpelstiltskin.
School supplies arrived!

 I've been working on getting the school room ready. Less than 2 weeks to go. Ack!
 The kids love spending a day at the lake. I wish I had gotten a shot of the BIG slide. Anyways... we go early, eat lunch at the picnic table and then swim some more.

 Tiles on the dollhouse! Don't they look great!
 Paul figured out a way to mow the lawn!!! His allergies only affected him mildly. He thinks it's b/c he removed the mask to drink water. We've decided he can't do that. He has to wait until he gets inside to remove the mask.
 Collin went to Cub Scout Day camp and loved it!!! He is the one roaring in this picture. hehe!
 Ryanne was part of a qinceanera ceremony. In the above picture, she asked a boy to dance and he said yes. She was sooooo excited he said yes. Ya know how when you go to events like this you don't want to dance b/c no one else is on the dance floor. Well, that's not a problem when Ryanne's around. She's on the dance floor the ENTIRE time!! We stayed out until 10pm b/c she was loving the dancing soooo much! Below is a shot of when she was dancing on her own. Isn't she beautiful?

Here she is with the other little girls who took part in the ceremony. It's a Latino ceremony and the family is Latino. They were explaining the directions in Spanish. Ryanne and the girl right next to her were both so confused and had no idea what was being said. LOL! Too funny!